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"I have been a student at eduSpace for 6 years, with Lawrence teaching me secondary Pure Science and JC Physics and Jovan teaching me JC Mathematics. Both of them are very competent tutors who have helped me to achieve stellar results in Secondary School as well as A levels. I feel that the 'Study hard and play hard' culture at eduSpace really helps students to excel holistically as an individual.


Besides academics, the tutors at eduSpace focus on nurturing the students' personal values and morals as well. They will not hesitate to provide students with higher-ed and career advice and are more than willing to guide students in every step of their educational journey. The friendly and dedicated tutors, in addition to the conducive learning environment will really benefit students a lot.


Having being a student at eduSpace for so long, I can say for sure that the learning environment at eduSpace has given me the freedom to voice out my perspectives and clarify any doubts that I had during lessons. This then enables the exchange of ideas amongst students which allows all of us to learn from one another."

Debbie, Eunoia Junior College, 2019


"I have been with eduSpace for close to 8 years since Primary 5 until I finish my Junior College education. I was under Jovan for mathematics lessons throughout these 8 years. eduSpace provided me with a very conducive learning space where I can focus and clear any doubts I have. Jovan is a strong believer of work rest balance and there would always be breaks for us to relax our minds as he does not want to over stress his students but when it’s time for serious work he will expect all of us to be focused.


I enjoy the teaching style in his lessons where he will always pick challenging questions to stretch us. I chose to stay with eduSpace throughout the years as I was weak in mathematics and eduSpace has equipped me with the skills and confidence to tackle the subject."

Wendell, Catholic Junior College, 2019

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"I’ve been with eduSpace for 4 years, from Secondary 3 all the way to JC2. I took pure Chemistry and Physics in Secondary School and H2 Mathematics for JC. I have always struggled with Science and Mathematics and I’m so glad I found eduSpace. The way they explain the topics is always very simple and straightforward, allowing for an easy understanding. Even when I don’t understand, I am not afraid to ask for help because the environment eduSpace has is very relaxed and encouraging.


Rather than a teacher-student dynamic, the tutors here feel more like friends. Beyond education, they also give life advice from their personal experiences and truly care for their students' future.


While I was initially concerned about more tuition homework added onto my schoolwork, I did not have to worry because the tutors are very considerate and focus more on ‘own time, own target'.


I truly enjoyed my time here and it felt great seeing my grades improve tremendously due to their effective teaching. I am really, really grateful for all they have done for me and through my years of going to tuition, I can proudly say that eduSpace is truly unlike any others. You won’t regret coming here"

Shan Ping, Anderson Serangoon Junior College, 2019

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