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Gifted Education Programme

The Gifted Education Programme (GEP) was introduced by the Ministry of Education (MOE) in 1984. The GEP screening & selection process occurs every year, where Primary Three students take a series of tests to gauge their ability and stream them into the Gifted Education Program.


Click here view important dates and timeline of GEP processes 


All Primary 3 students, except those who opt-out, will take the first round of admission tests commonly known as the Screening Test. Students identified based on the Screening Test results will be invited to participate in the second round, the Selection Test. Based on the Selection Test results, selected students will be invited to join the Gifted Education Programme, usually by November of that year.


Selected students will then be transferred to schools offering the GEP. GEP classes are designed to fit the students' learning ability, and may cover subjects in greater breadth and depth. 


Primary schools offering GEP:

Anglo-Chinese School (Pri)

Catholic High School (Pri)

Henry Park Primary School

Nan Hua Primary School 

Nanyang Primary School

Raffles Girls’ Primary School 

Rosyth School

St Hilda’s Primary School

Tao Nan School


Gain a good head start and stay ahead of time by enrolling in our Gifted Education Program preparatory classes as early as Primary One. Pave the way for your child to academic success. Our specially curated English and Math curriculum aims to foster independence in thinking skills, as well as nurture other important life long skills such as resilience, resourcefulness, critical and inventive thinking and effective communication skills. We will expose your child to a series of challenging questions to stretch your child’s ability. After the GEP tests, regardless of whether your child chooses to remain in the mainstream or enrol for the GEP, their newfound English, Mathematics and General Ability skills will be applicable for their daily learning.

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