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Branden Tan

"Before I joined eduSpace I was doing very badly for my physics as I could not catch up with my teachers speed and found physics a very complicated and hard subject and was considering to give up on studying physics. But after joining eduSpace my teacher broke down the concepts making them appear easier and understandable for me to comprehend which allowed me to catch up on what was going on in class very quickly. The notes and mindmaps provided were also very detailed and also includes examples of common questions as well as easy ways to memorize formulas and concepts using acronyms which proved very useful for me in revising for my national exams. Thank you!"

Branden Tan, Ang Mo Kio Secondary School, 2020

Xin Yu

"I have only joined eduSpace for a year for my Chemistry which has improved tremendously since the start of 2020. Then, I could never really imagine scoring well for Chemistry but the teaching here has allowed me to be more confident in myself when clarifying my doubts and the fact that the tutors here are friendly and kind regardless of whether we are their students or not also encourages me to take ownership of my own learning. Lawrence's patient tutoring motivates me to try my best for the subject. He is also understanding towards all of us, treating us more of like a friend instead of merely just his students, be it offering help whenever we need it or helping us to get our minds off the stress that we are facing. My time in eduSpace has been truly rewarding and I will definitely recommend students to join the centre!"

Xin Yu, CHIJ St. Nicholas Girls' School, 2020

Colin Lim.png

"I joined eduSpace at the start of 2019, when I was consistently getting F9s for my Amath, Physics and Chemistry. Within the span of a few months, my grades improved to Cs, then to Bs and then As. The answering techniques provided by the teachers are extremely useful, and often helped me to answer exam questions effectively. Furthermore, the way the teachers broke down the topics really enabled me to understand them more effectively. The classroom environment is very conducive for learning and we are always encouraged to raise any doubts with the teacher. What I really enjoyed about eduSpace was the teacher-student relationship. I could always give them a call if I had any doubts, and they would readily help me."

Colin Lin, Anderson Secondary School, 2019


"I was taught by Mr. Lawrence and Mr. Alwin, both were really nice and their teaching methods did help me. Have been failing Pure Physics since secondary 3 but when I joined eduspace in Secondary 4, I managed to jump to a B3 for O Levels. Thank you!"

Ardelia, CHIJ Saint Theresa's Convent, 2019


"I’ve been in eduSpace since primary school for both math and science. It helped built my foundation for both subjects allowing me to grasp the concepts for these subjects easily. I’ve been able to attain distinctions for Additional Mathematics consistently up till O levels. As for Physics, I manage to attain a A2 for O levels from a B4. The teaching culture in eduSpace is very wholesome, the tutors are encouraging and inclusive, they always ensure that the whole class understands the concepts before moving on. What I enjoy the most about eduSpace is the learning environment. It is a very conducive one and tutors are always willing to help even outside of lesson time. I definitely enjoyed my time in eduSpace."

Karis, CHIJ St. Nicholas Girls' School, 2019

Yi En.png

"I have been with eduSpace for 7 years and i was under teacher Jovan and teacher Jayden for my Secondary School Mathematics. My Mathematics in Primary School was my weakest subject so I was inconfident for my Mathematics in Secondary School. However, under teacher Jayden, my Elementary Mathematics gradually improved and I scored an A2 for Secondary 2 streaming year and A1 for O Level. Under teacher Jovan, my Additional Mathematics was constantly doing well because his approach of teaching is very systematic and easy to understand.


I think that the teaching culture is not too pressuring and teacher Jovan and teacher Jayden are very patient and have their own unique method of teaching. Their teaching methods helped me to gain an interest in the subjects and so i was more motivated to do well for my math in Secondary School. I enjoy the fact that the teachers always put the well being of students first, making sure we don't overwork ourselves and occasionally giving us breaks in between lessons. I'm also thankful that the teachers will give personal feedback on areas of improvement and assign work specific to our weaker topics for us to practice on."

Yi En, Ahmad Ibrahim Secondary School, 2019


"I have been with eduSpace for 5 years. I took Elementary Mathematics from Jayden all 5 years. At the starting of Secondary 1, I could not solve most of the problems but after Jayden taught me how to solve them step by step I eventually understood and knew how to solve them. My mathematics grades started to improve from just pass to B3. His teaching techniques were easy and effective that I was able to apply it in my school works and exams. I got an A1 for my N level Mathematics and a B3 for my O Level Mathematics.

I enjoyed the learning environment as we did not only study all the time but we also had fun sometimes."

Roshni, Ahmad Ibrahim Secondary School, 2019

Ding Yuan.jpeg

"I've been in eduSpace for the past 2 years and I take lessons in both Elementary and Additional Mathematics. My results were a C5 and a F9 initially. However, my grades improved to A2 on both subjects during O Level. The style of teaching in eduSpace is more laid back but effective. The teachers take time to make sure that every student understands the concept before continuing with the lesson. This is one of the many things I enjoy about eduSpace."

Seah Ding Yuan, Evergreen Secondary School, 2019

Damian Lau.jpeg

"I have been in eduSpace for around 6 years and I took Additional Mathematics, Elementary Mathematics and combine Science. i have noticed an improvement in my results as i was a Normal Academic student therefore taking O Level is considered a huge jump for me. thankfully eduSpace has been there with me from the beginning  helping me build a strong foundation so that i do not have to worry about anything. The teachers there would often gives us short break so that we can focus better and not get restless easily."

Damian Lau, Yishun Town Secondary School, 2019

Isaac Cheong.jpeg

"I want to thank Teacher Lawrence for helping me through my tough journey of Pure Science. Despite me joining the tuition late, I went from a C6 to B3 during O Levels. The teachers at eduSpace are very patient and caring. Teacher Lawrence wouldn’t mind staying an hour after tuition if I had any queries and would make sure I have sorted my doubts before leaving. He also helps me outside of tuition, when ever i’m stuck with school homework, by sending him a photo of the question he will first give clue and hints to guide me towards the answers instead of spoon feeding me the answers straight away.


Outside of studies Teacher Lawrence also gives us advice on how to manage our time properly and when we should start to revise for our O Levels. He is a really great teacher that gives his all to make sure we do well in our exams. Thank You Teacher Lawrence!!"

Isaac Cheong, Yishun Secondary School, 2019

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