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"In P5, I was getting 60s for my science and math, but under the guidance of Lawrence and Jovan, I scored As and A* for the subjects in PSLE. At first, I was afraid to ask the teacher questions but after a few weeks, I was willing to ask questions as I knew that Lawrence / Jovan would be willing to explain to me. I never thought that I would be able to get into my dream school but after going for tuition at Eduspace, I realised that getting good scores were a lot easier than expected when you master the techniques taught there and had gotten into my dream school. At my other tuition centres, the teachers just "read" the textbooks with us but Eduspace taught us answering techniques also welcome us to inquire about school work. Jovan/ Lawrence are people I can trust and depend on and after joining the tuition, my parents knew that they don't have to worry about my grades. I would recommend Eduspace to my friends and relatives as I know that they will not regret joining the centre."

Michelle Lee, Wellington Primary School , 2020

Lok Hao & Lok Shin

"eduSpace is a tuition centre you can consider bringing your children to for the subjects: Mathematics, English, and Science.

Not only is the tuition helpful academically, the teachers also teach students the right studying attitude and moral values.

My older son has improved tremendously in his science. from a person who would usually get the grade B4 or C5, he got an A1 in his recent examination. the teacher has helped him clear out his misconception and the right answering technique which helped him excel in his exams. my son has also developed a passion in the subject because the lessons were fun which made the learning environment more comfortable.

In addition, the teachers are very cheerful and positive. My younger son had primary school M
athematics tuition at Eduspace. He told me that the method that his teacher use is very easy to pick up and understand. Teachers also spend personal time doing sports with them. Appreciate it!

If your children are struggling in either of the three subjects, English, maths and science, you should definitely bring them to eduSpace and I guarantee you won’t regret your decision."

Yuen Chen (Lok Hao & Lok Shin's Mother),

Lok Hao, Peiying Primary School, 2020

Lok Shin, Orchid Park Secondary School, 2020


"eduSpace is definitely a choice centre for your kids!


Friendly tutors who can engage with students, motivating and experienced.


My daughter, Amanda Teong had greatly benefited from their guidance and teachings. She excel with A*and A for Math and Science with a total score of 254 (PSLE-2019).


I sincerely thanked the teachers for their efforts and congratulate the achievements at eduSpace!"

Amanda Teong, Canberra Primary School, 2019

jayden cai.jpeg

"I had trouble with my Science in Primary School. It was difficult for me to understand the topics and concepts taught in school. I was doing quite bad in Science. But after I joined eduSpace,my Science improved drastically. I was scoring 80 and above for almost every test.

The teachers here are very engaging. Their style of teaching is quite unique from other tuition centres. Their style of teaching enables students to focus more while learning and also have fun.


My past few years in eduSpace have been very enjoyable. The teachers are friendly and will not hesitate to answer you if you have any difficulties."

Jayden Cai, Northland Primary School, 2019


"I would like to take this opportunity to thank eduSpace for their wonderful guidance & contribution to my child’s learning journey.

I decided to enrol my child to eduSpace tuition centre in Nov 2018 as she was going to sit for her PSLE in 2019.

Indeed it was one of the best decision I made for my child.

Within just a year, my child’s grade went from ungraded for both Mathematics & Science to a B for Mathematics and C for Science.

It’s not just the grades improvement that I love.

I love that there was no additional stress given to my child. In fact she thoroughly enjoyed her lessons in eduSpace.

From great friends to wonderful teachers, I would definitely say eduSpace has provided my child with an enriching journey & helped her love the subjects she used to dread.

Special mention for Jovan for his patience and kind nature always.

Thank you Jovan, thank you eduSpace!"

Amelda, CHIJ Our Lady of the Nativity, 2019


"My son, Dylan was with eduSpace since primary 5 with mediocre grades in Math and Science. The centre prepared him with ample exercises and notes that enable him to better understand what he will learn from school. He scored a B grade for PSLE math which boosted his confidence in learning. Furthermore, the centre is flexible in arranging makeup classes when he is unable to attend the scheduled class.

Thank you to all the teachers and staff for their dedication."

Dylan Chong, Pei Ying Primary School, 2019

Mui Shi Yi.png

"Both children of mine, Kevyn & Shiyi,  joined eduSpace in 2016. Kevyn had his PSLE in 2018 & Shiyi had hers in 2019. eduSpace has an unique and effective technique in solving PSLE Math Word Problems method especially questions involving fractions, percentage, ratio, speed time distance & Circles. To my surprise, both of my children become more confident and competent in solving word problems within a short time . eduSpace teachers go the extra mile in updating us, parents, regularly on my kids’ progress. eduSpace holds talk with the parents on ”what to look out” and “how to choose” secondary schools for PSLE students.


Another great point of eduSpace is they are flexible in arranging make-up lessons whenever my kids are unable to attend their classes. eduSpace is also a friendly tuition centre that will organise activities for all the students (MacDonald treat, bowling, paintball etc).  


Thank you to all the teachers and staff for their dedication. I will highly recommend the parents to send their kids to this Centre."

Mui Shi Yi, Navel Base Primary School, 2019

Kevyn Mui, Naval Base Primary School, 2018


"With the updated curriculum from MOE over the years, it was rather impossible for us to help our child in her Mathematics. 

I was glad that I had registered Natalie for Teacher Jovan's class before she started Primary 5. 

Natalie had shown great improvement in tackling the questions. Being able to recognise different questions and applying the correct methods to solve them.


Teacher Jovan had selflessly helped her even in his personal time. For parents, we were always constantly being updated on what was being taught during lessons. Personal calls would also be received to update me on the progress of how my child was coping.


From her usual B-grades to an A in her PSLE, thank you to Teacher Jovan for making every effort to make this happen."

Natalie, Pei Ying Primary School, 2019

Jordan Puar.jpeg

"My past 3 years with eduSpace had been a fun and fulfilling one. Mr Lawrence has taught me various techniques to answer both multiple choice and open ended questions. Overall, Mr Lawrence is a very great teacher who provides notes which helps me remember the concepts easily. I’m very grateful to be able to embark on this educational journey and improve on my Science marks."

Jordan Puar, Pri Ying Primary School, 2019

jerel sim (1).jpg

"I have been with eduSpace for about a year. I took Mathematics as it was one of my weakest subjects. Since then, there was a big improvement in my Mathematics in PSLE! eduSpace has a differentiated teaching method for each level and the method is easy to follow. Whenever I cannot understand a concept, the teachers would patiently explain it to me until I was able to understand it. I would recommend eduSpace to those who need it!"

Jerel Sim, Chong Fu Primary School, 2018

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