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"I have been with eduSpace for two and a half years. I was consistently scoring Cs for my tests and examinations at Secondary 2. After being tutored by the teachers at eduSpace, I saw a tremendous improvement for my end of year examinations, from a grade of C5 to an A2. The lessons at eduSpace helped me to regain confidence in Mathematics and enabled me to fulfill my potential. I look forward to the fun-filled tuition lessons. What I enjoyed the most was probably the stress-free environment and the times when Jayden bought the class snacks and drinks during lessons. We could sense his care towards us. Throughout the stressful O Level period, Jayden and eduSpace has always been there to support me. As a result, I was able to achieve my goals."

Brandon Teong

Yishun Secondary School

B3 in Elementary Math and Combined Science


"Even though I have only been with eduSpace for a year, I have seen significant improvements in my results for both Additional Mathematics and Chemistry. Concepts were further broken down and explained for us to better understand the topic, eduSpace encourages an engaging learning environment, where students can raise any doubts they have and the tutors will explain the concepts clearly and patiently. Moreover, lessons were never boring as they would try their best to ensure a fun session, while making sure that we understood the concepts taught. Within just a few months, my Additional Mathematics improved from a fail to a distinction! The patience and thoughtfulness of eduSpace's tutors helped me greatly in my learning"

Claris Toh

St. Nicholas Girls' School

Distinction in Additional & Elementary Mathematics


"I had been with eduSpace for about 4 years throughout my secondary school life. I was struggling with Mathematics and had been failing it in Secondary 1. After joining eduSpace, I saw improvements in my result. Hence, I took up Pure Physics in upper secondary too. Motivated by the teachers in eduSpace, I was able to perform. The teachers were humorous and this kept me engaged during lessons. They have guided me well and even provided me with insights towards my future job aspirations. There is a closely knitted relationship between the teachers and students at eduSpace. I've personally made close friends from other schools as well. eduSpace is undoubtedly a good tuition centre I would recommend!"

Jeraine Ong

Chung Cheng High School (Yishun)

B3 in Additional Mathematics and Physic (Pure)

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"I have been with eduSpace for about a year. I took Mathematics as it was one of my weakest subjects. Since then, there was a big improvement for my Mathematics in PSLE! eduSpace has a differentiated teaching method for each level and the method is easy to follow. Whenever I cannot understand a concept, the teachers would patiently explain it to me until I was able to understand it. I would recommend eduSpace to those who need it!"

Jerel Sim

Primary 6

Joined eduSpace from 2018 to present


"Being with eduSpace for more than 6 years, I always enjoy the conducive environment, relaxing atmosphere and comfortable pace. Lawrence's teaching style had been beneficial to me. He welcomes questions and this helped to clear any doubts that I could have. Lawrence is a dedicated teacher and is patient towards me. He is always willing to help even if I sought his assistance after lesson time."

Jun Lin

St. Nicholas Girls' School

Distinction in Physic (Pure)


"I first joined eduSpace back in December 2017 as I was struggling with my Chemistry. My grades were barely passing. After a month of tuition, I was surprised that I could catch up and understand what my Chemistry teacher was teaching. At midterm of Secondary 4, I joined the Additional Mathematics and achieved a B4. What I enjoyed most about eduSpace was their way of teaching. They had a unique way to engage us and enable us to learn effectively."

Owen Ong

Canberra Secondary School

Distinction in Combined Science &

B4 in Additional Mathematics

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I joined eduSpace to improve my (Pure Chemistry & Physics) and Mathematics in 2012. I was consistently scoring subpar grades of B4/B5/C6 throughout my examinations. However, with the help of the tutors at eduSpace, understanding and applying concepts became much easier. This is evident as I have achieved a Distinction for Additional Mathematics and B3s for Chemistry and Physics for my O Level. eduSpace encourages students to think out of the box and ask questions when in doubt. They have also enabled me to understand subjects more comprehensively and helped me find my interest in studying again."

Tan Hong Ling

Yishun Town Secondary School

Distinction in Additional & Elementary Mathematics

"I was not doing well in my Mathematics and Science. Hearing the good reviews on eduSpace, I decided to join the center. To my amazement, in less than a year, I made improvements in both my Mathematics and Science from a score of around 60 marks to a high A for Mathematics. The tutors at eduSpace are very patient. They explained every question and solution in detail so that my misconceptions were corrected. Lawrence, my Science tutor, gave me ample practice to enable me to master and apply the Science concepts. My favourite part about eduSpace will definitely be the fact that the teachers care for us."

Yan Tong

Primary 6

Joined eduSpace from 2018 to present

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